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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 11, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. san jose police officer is on other side of the law accused of a crime against a victim he was supposed to be protecting. goodgood morning, the san jose police officer is charged with rape while on duty. abc7 news reporter matt keller attended a news conference and joined us from san jose. matt? >> some is a serious charge. the d.a. says the san jose police officer sexual assault
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add woman he was supposed to help out. here is the mug shot we just received of the suspect, officer geoffrey grave as six-year veteran of the department. he was charged with forcible rape working as a patrol officer. the 38-year-old was booked into jail and released on $100,000 bail. the district attorney in san jose say that last year on september 26, the officer responded to a family disturbance at the alleged victim's home she shared with her husband. the officers determined no crime was committed but the hotel maid wanted to be taken to a hotel she worked at to stay the night. the officer drove her there in a car. she picked up a key, went to the room and fell asleep. 15 minutes later the officer knocked on the door and she claims he came in, wearing the uniform, grabbed her and sexually asawed her despite resisting verbally and physically and left ten minutes later. the assault was reported three weeks later to an unidentified
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local law enforcement agency. the d.a. says that physical evidence corroborates the story. the officer was arrested yesterday after a five-month investigation. >> it saddened us. we are out there doing this job day in and day out working very hard to build trust with the community and it is important to all of us. this is difficult for everyone. it reflects on our job and what we do each day. >> the district attorney released a statement saying although rare on duty misdeeds but still unjustified blight on the stellar reputation of our peace officers the department will be held accountable if the unlawful actions. he is on paid leave and is scheduled to make the first court appearance on march 24. new this morning, a federal investigation into tens of thousands of missing painkillers at four northern california cvs
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drugstores with the pharmacies facing 3,000 violations of the controlled substance act. our reporter is at a fairfield store that is involved in this. nick? >> good morning, a lot of pills and a lot of questions by authorities including they want to know if the system currently in place is enough to account for the pills. documents i just obtained here at abc7 news detail the controversy showing that this is a problem that has happened in the past. officials say the painkillers include vicodin and could have been sold on the black market. the attorney says cvs hat yet to respond to a request seeking more information from the company and in documents obtained by abc7 news we have learned that this is not the first incident of theft. in 2012, they caught a tech and she was interviewed and admitted to stealing 20,000 tablets of the drug.
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investigators found more than 16,000 of the tablets missing from another store, 11,000 from fairfield store and almost 5,000 each from modesto and dixon stores. in some cases the drugs have been missing because the pharmacists self medicate or lower level pharmacy workers take the drugs and sell them. this usually comes to light after routine inventory inspections by law, pharmacies are required to report missing meds in 14 daze of discovery. >> cvs could face up to $29 million fine for losing track of prescription painkillers. we have reached tout their corporate office and they have said they will contact our newsroom as some time today. we will post their statement on our website at abc7 . >> 100 miles per hour police chase from sacramento to the bay area ended in richmond this morning. the driver lost control of the
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car he was driving and slammed into the light poll and the highway patrol says they called off the chase moments before the crash at the exit off interstate 80. the driver was arrested for driving under the influence and evading police. san francisco police are investigating a pedestrian accident that happened on sacramento and battery streets shortly after five o'clock this morning and police say a car was making a left-hand turn and hit someone in the crosswalk. the driver stopped and is cooperating, the pedestrian was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> crews are repairing a ruptured water main in the lower haight neighborhood. the 6", 100-year-old main broke this morning after 5:00 a.m. with a river of water and mud flowing a block and a half downhill and you can see what happened. it pooled at haight. there was no property damage but residents on one block are still without water service and in november of 2012, a sinkhole opened up on the same block
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partly swallowing a sewer truck. >> san francisco could become the first united states city to ban the sale of bottle waters on its property with a final vote today banning the sale of bottles, 21 ounces or smaller and encourage the use of water refilling stations in public spaces. the ban would roll out in phases starting in october and go citywide by 20116. >> a federal investigation is underway after two workers were doused with acid at a refinery for the second time in a month. we were at the tesoro refinery after it happened year. the workers were sprayed with acidded. officials say 84,000 pounds of the acid was released back in official burning two other employees. officials say tesoro refinery refused to let them on the premises to investigate that
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accident. a union representative finds that "troubling." the workers were wearing full protective gear in this incident. the acid spilled on their necks. one is hospitalized. the two accidents are not related. san bruno city council is holding a special meeting tonight to decide how to spend the rest of the money it received from the pipeline explosion in 2012. pg&e agreed to provide up to $50 million to the city in the wake of the blast and the fire that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. now, 3 1/2 years later, $11 million is left. the city council will prioritize the remaining building projects. >> new details this morning in the search for a missing malaysian jetliner, authorities are leaning away from terrorism as a cause and there are indications that the search area is expanding by hundreds of miles. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom. katie? >> four days of searching in the
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wrong area. look at this map, the plane's original flight path up to vietnam and when it disappeared the last location was in that area. this morning military says they have radar evidence showing the jetliner changed course and made it to the straits hundreds of miles away on the other side of the malaysian peninsula. there is new information of two suspicious passengers. these are the two men who boarded malaysia airlines using stolen passports, 19-year-old and 29-year-old. the secretary-general of interpol says the stolen documents were from austria and italy but used valid iranian passports to fly to malaysia. neither passport was reported it seems to men or listed in the databases of interpol. comparing the names and numbers against interpol database would not have a suspect the. >> it is suspected that the 19-year-old was trying to seek
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asylum in germany. >> the more information we get we are inclined to conclude it is not terrorism. >> there is still no trace of the plane with dozens of planes and ships scouring the waters between malaysia and vietnam but as we have learned, the plane could have been hundreds of mile off course. for the loved ones the uncertainty is what is unbearable. >> the worst possible news. at least there is what we call appropriate reaction whether it is grove or anger. >> the c.e.o. of the airlines said he is not discouraged. >> it must be there somewhere. we have to find it. >> another deficit in the mystery, the company is investigating an australian television report this the co-pilot on the missing night two years ago had invited two women to stay in the cockpit during a flight. the head of the c.i.a. is denying claims by senator feinstein that the spy agency
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hacked into senate computers. feinstein aired that dispute publicly today on the senate floor. >> i have grave concerns that the c.i.a. search may well have violated the vision of powers principle embodied in the united states constitution. >> she accused the c.i.a. of criminal activity by searching a computer network set up for lawmakers on the senate intelligence committee which is investigating alleged torture by the c.i.a. during investigations in the bush administration. feinstein says the matter has been referred to the justice department. still to come, keeping the weight off can reduce a woman's class of getting a certain type of cancer. the comment made about the late whitney houston is at the center of a lawsuit between a s.w.a.t. officer and the city of beverly hills. what apple is pressuring record labels to do is not music to everyone's ears. look at this absolutely
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there is a new reason for over weight women to lose weight. one out of five cases of ovarian cancer can be presented by weight loss. the risk is increased by 6 percent for every five-point increase in body max industry and accounts for 3 percent of
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cancers in women. two-thirds of americans are now considered to be overweight or obese. kaiser permanente is highest in customer satisfaction if the 7th straight year scoring 6756 out of 1,000 possible points. and blue cross majored among the lowest with 650 and kaiser permanente was the only to score above the average of 680 points. the full list of results is on the website at beverly hills is facing a lawsuit for an officer that claims he faced retaliation for making an inappropriate remark about the body of whitney houston. he and the detective responded to the beverly hilton when she decided. that is when she said the
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detective marked that houston "still looks good." we are reporting the remarks and said he was harassed and deneed promotion. new this morning, cupertino-based apple is pressuring major record companies to provide new release s exclusively through itunes and comes three months of a beyonce released the new album only through itunes, and become the fastest setting. giving apple exclusive rights would initially block availability on streaming services. >> mike nicco is straight ahead with the forecast. >> good morning from the roof. up here it is not so breezy as it early. you can see the flag behind me with a little more quiet but the winds are coming back with wind advisories coming back with warm
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temperatures this weekend. mike, thank you, new surveillance video of the eureka earthquake and how it shook up a feline friend the. >> the bachelor picks his partner but wait until you hear what he is not
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. an oregon family is giving their big cat a second chance. this is not a regular house cat but it is big, 22 pound cat that held them hostage. meet lu
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he went on the attack on sunday starting with the baby boy pulled the cat's tail which whacked jesse on the forehead and the mother's boyfriend kicked the cat away and the cat chased familiar including the dog into the bedroom and they called 9-1-1. police captured lux and put him in a crate. >> okay. new video shows the impact of a 6.8 earthquake off the coast on sunday. there is another cat, running away. the surveillance video on facebook shows items shaking. that was an 18-pound cat and tommy boy is doing fine relaxing and sleeping all day. the earthquake did not effect him. there he goes again. it was downgraded from initial reports but did not cause serious energize or damage but
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there is good video there. >> well check with mike on the forecast. not so windy. butted winds will come back. you can see the sunshine, and it is calm on the bay compared to this morning. if you are taking a ferry rain it is not so choppy as when you came to work. if you are traveling around, beautiful day to sight see it is so clean. you can see the dry air rolling in. there are no clouds. the humidity is lower today than yesterday where it was feeling almost muggy. here are the wins at 20 miles per hour, san jose at 14 miles per hour, and fairly at 18 and live more is 12 and napa at 13. here is what is going to happen tonight at 8:00.
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the winds will pick up pace against coming from the northeast at 25 to 35 miles per hour. we will have gusts up to 40 miles per hour and the valleys in the north bay and east bay and the peninsula coast above 1,000' with gusts up to 50 american so driving is difficult if you have a high-profile vehicle. we could have trees come down and cause power outages but the shaky trees were knocked down last strong winter storm and there could be a couple more that were not affected that could be hit. 59 in san carlos and san francisco and antioch and everyone else in the low-to-mid 60's and warmer than yesterday. here is how it looks from mount tamalpais with gusts up to 15 and though were at 35 overnight. look how beautiful the area is, looking from san francisco side of the bay bridge toward the port of oakland and right into downtown oakland. sunny and warmer and breezes fade tomorrow evening and extended dry period developing and the high pressure is back,
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warmest day this weekend with the high in a second. san jose is brighter this morning than yesterday morning, at two to six degrees warmer today compared to year. here the numbers: mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and into san francisco and low-to-mid 70's around our bay and inland and tonight, only santa rosa will be cool at 41 and you will be sheltered from the wind. everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's and a fomites in the breezy spots so you can see the high pressure developing, look familiar? that is what happened during our drive spell. temperatures are going to modulate depending on how strong the offshore wind is. saturday and sunday we are at 70 along the coast and near 88 to mid-80's around the bay and mound we have a slight pull back with temperatures today at three to nine degrees above average so you can magic how warm we are saturday and sunday and still remaining if we are going to get a record because we have to hit
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the mid-80's. >> there are no wedding plans for the bachelor after a shocking season finale last night. >> i'm not 100 percent sure. percent sure that i don't want to let you go. >> that moment capped off a dramatic season of the bachelor cite here, he had a ring if his pocket but he only gay the pediatric nurse a rose saying it is what it is, and she says she is still happy dating juan pablo. >> really? >> unbelievable. >> still to come, the president towns to comedy. >> he gets a word out about a serious issue on his
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so i was basically uninsurable. now that i've got coverage, my doctor is a phone call or an e-mail away. i'm in. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help at coming up, what some say was supposed to be a joke is a criminal investigation. the student is if trouble for this party foul. experts project billions if losses on a big break on internet speeds with a slow down
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at workplaces everywhere. >> new this morning, president obama is taking a humorous approach to encourage more young people to enroll in the affordable care act. >> the point is a lot of young people think they are invincible the. >> did you say invisible? >> not invisible, invincible. meaning they don't think they can get hurt. >> no one could be invisible. >> i understand that. >> the president jokes with comic during an interview posted this morning on the web site usually posing awkward questions to celebrity guests. >> awkward. >> see
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